Book about pollution in aquatic environments

Edited by researchers of EFPU.

In this book, examples of pollutants in diverse aquatic environments e.g., accidental spills, plastics, those derived from agriculture and industry, toxic metals, pharmaceuticals and organic contaminants, among others, are presented.

Complete reference of the book

Häder, D.-P., E.W. Helbling & V.E. Villafañe (eds.). 2021. Anthropogenic pollution of aquatic ecosystems. Springer Nature, Suiza. 426 pgs.

Lic. Juan Vizzo, fellow at EFPU, is the leading author of one of the chapters of this book, that deals with the impact of discharges of terrigenous material in coastal areas of Patagonia, and their effects on phytoplankton communities, using as a case study the Chubut river estuary.

Vizzo, J.I., M.J. Cabrerizo, V.E. Villafañe & E.W. Helbling. 2021. Input of terrestrial material into coastal Patagonian waters and its effects on phytoplankton communities from the Chubut river estuary (Argentina). In: Anthropogenic pollution of aquatic ecosystems. D.-P. Häder, E.W. Helbling & V.E. Villafañe (eds.). Springer, pp.131-155.

Also, other examples of pollution in the Patagonia region are presented: on trophic chains (González et al.), groundwater (Torres et al.) and that produced by petroleum hydrocarbons (Nievas El Makte et al.).