Scientific cooperation with Chile

In February, Dr. Macarena Valiñas traveled to Santiago, Chile, where she visited the Coastal Ecology and Anthropogenic Impacts Laboratory (LECIMAT) at the Andrés Bello University, led by Dr. Cristian Duarte. The visit was part of a scientific cooperation that began in 2023. On that occasion, the first experiments were carried out at the EFPU to evaluate the impacts of artificial light at night (ALAN) on intertidal organisms, a topic in which the research group in the neighboring country has a wide and recognized experience.

Dr. Valiñas’ activities in Chile included a visit to the Quintay Marine Research Center (CIMARQ) where the group conducts part of their experimental tasks. They also discussed the results obtained from the experiments carried out at the EFPU and designed new experiments to be performed in the coming months.

Cristian Duarte and Macarena Valiñas in Chile