Cooperation with the Czech Republic

We carried out scientific activities in the centre ALGATECH.

The centre ALGATECH, in the Czech Republic.

During the month of May, the EFPU researchers Walter Helbling and Virginia Villafañe worked at the ALGATECH Center (Třeboň, Czech Republic), as part of an international cooperation project co-funded by Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET, Argentina) and the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS). The objective of the project is to compare different techniques of measurement of primary production, including the novel Modern High-resolution Fast Repetition Rate (FRR) fluorometry on natural communities and monospecific cultures of phytoplankton. This 3-year project includes the travel of Argentine researchers to the Czech Republic and Czech researchers to Argentina to work in the EFPU, so this year the Czech counterpart will come to our country to continue the development of the planned activities.