Science and origami at EFPU

Copepods and diatoms made in origami.

Hundreds of aquatic microorganisms made with paper will be seen at “EFPU abierta”.

Without using scissors and only folding paper, origami is a traditional Japanese art that allows making countless forms, from abstract motifs to animals or plants. In this opportunity, and for the first time in our place, we will make an origami installation to represent a bloom of aquatic microorganisms.

Darío del Fabbro, Amalia Villafañe and Virginia Villafañe (researcher at EFPU), residents from Playa Unión and hobbyists for this art, will recreate in origami and in a magnified scale a huge quantity of organisms representative of our area and that are the focus of studies at the Estación de Fotobiología. The objective of this exhibition is to express, through this millenary art, the beauty and complexity of forms that inhabit the ocean and that cannot be appreciated with the naked eye.

During the “EFPU abierta”, to be held during the 26 and 27 September (admission free) the visitors will appreciate in the laboratory these microorganisms made entirely with folded paper.